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Ledbury's view of May's Brexit
Written by Steve Glennie-Smith   
Saturday, 12 January 2019 18:09

That was the message put out by Ledbury for Europe, a new group 'from Ledbury and surroundings, tired of the government's mistakes and lies'.
Update: Bill Wiggin was one of the 118 Tory MPs who voted against May's deal this evening (15th January) according to The Spectator.

Having climbed onto the fence (as stated last week in the Ledbury Reporter), Wiggin reverted at the last minute to his former stance.  South Herefordshire MP Jesse Norman voted as he had previously indicated FOR May's deal.  It was resoundingly defeated by 230 votes - the biggest on record for a sitting government.  Did somebody say something like "strong and stable"?

It seems the Ledbury group is getting a lot of support, judging by the 'Brexitometer' on display in Ledbury's High Street this morning:

Harriet Pahl showing the results of today's 'poll'.

The group was out this morning, inviting passers-by to state their preferences for these options: 'May's deal', 'Crash out with No Deal' or 'Stay In'.  The board Harriet is holding says a lot...

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Ledbury Walkers' Club
Written by Brian Hudson   
Wednesday, 09 January 2019 19:28

The club is now in its 24th year of operation and has around 100 members from Ledbury, Malvern, Ross-on-Wye and other parts of Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire.

We walk most Thursday mornings starting at 10:00am.  The walks are usually around 5 miles in length and generally start within a 15 mile radius of Ledbury town.  In the summer months we sometimes have short evening walks, and a few at weekends.  From time to time, walks start from a pub in the area that will provide food, drink and relaxation after the walk is over.  Occasionally, we have 8-11 mile 'all day' walks at venues further afield, where participants bring along their own picnic lunch. These walks are usually planned for a Saturday.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 09 January 2019 19:28
Mexico WILL be paying for the wall!
Written by Trumpty Dumpty   
Tuesday, 08 January 2019 12:59

The Gladman seige continues...
Written by Steve Glennie-Smith   
Saturday, 15 December 2018 21:23

Gladman Developments have now put in a formal outline planning application for 210 more houses on the 'Little Marcle Road site', ie. land west of the Leadon with a vehicular access off Little Marcle Road opposite Heineken's entrance.  The planning application number is P184447/O, which may be viewed here.  Closing date for online responses is 13th January (only one month from posting on Herefordshire Council's website - with no allowance for the dead 10 days or so over Christmas and New Year).

Update: The closing date for online responses has now been put back to 17th February.
This was at the request of (among others) Ledbury Town Council, whose planning committee's next scheduled meeting is after 13th January - which would have made it difficult for the council to comment.

This is the third outline application from the same land agent that is in Herefordshire Council's (HC) planning pipeline: the other two both relate to the same site east of the Dymock road, south of the 'Barratt' site (which was also procured by Gladman after appeal to the Planning Inspectorate).  Whilst both these remain 'live' (and are not substantially different), online representations had been closed at the time of writing.  Only the later one (P184032/O) is relevant.  Update: representations may now be made online until 27th January, or by email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  More here.

Gladman - who can easily claim to be Public Enemy Number 1 in Ledbury - also claims it has carried out a 'Community Involvement' exercise, by circulating over 600 leaflets and putting an advert in the Ledbury Reporter at the end of October.  However, the owner of Redbank reported she never received such a leaflet, despite being next door to the site.  Gladman has published the results (on HC's page for 184447 -> Supporting Documents -> Statements of Community Involvement parts 1 and 2).  Part 1 (page 10) brazenly claims it has addressed concerns raised - one of which is 'The site is outside the proposed neighbourhood plan', to which it replied 'The neighbourhood plan is yet to be made and does not allocate any further housing growth for Ledbury.  Herefordshire is unable to demonstrate a 5 year supply of housing and therefore policies which seek to restrict housing growth are deemed out of date.'  Mr. Gladman - you're out of date since the neighbourhood plan was adopted by referendum on 6th December: it quite clearly states that Ledbury already will have over 900 homes for which planning permission has been granted, plus a further 200 from windfall sites, in the period up to the year 2031.  A requirement for only 800 has been identified for the same period.  Another complainant stated the Ledbury Reporter advert appeared in the Malvern section (!) and therefore was too well hidden.  There are many other flaws...

Part 2 lists 19 responses it received (unknown whether that is the true total), starting on page 10.  Only one of these was vaguely in favour, but still expressed concerns.  Well done all of you who did respond - some vehemently against, but regretfully you must also respond directly to HC to have any bearing on the outcome, now a formal application has been lodged.

Nil illegitimi carborundum...

Last Updated on Wednesday, 19 December 2018 11:47
Gladman - It's not too late...
Written by Steve Glennie-Smith   
Friday, 14 December 2018 21:20

Update: online representations via Herefordshire Council's website regarding Gladman's planning application (P184032/O) for up to 420 dwellings south of the Barratt site have been reopened: the new cut-off date will be 27th January.  You may also do so by email to the case officer, who is Carl Brace ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) - or by old-fashioned letter to:

Carl Brace
Herefordshire Council Planning Services,
PO Box 230,
Hereford  HR1 2ZB.

191 representations have been posted on HC's web page to date, of which 174 are objections and the remainder are neutral.  Nobody has expressed support for this one!

Contrary to speculation, the Portal is assured by Herefordshire Council the Neighbourhood Development Plan, which was approved by referendum on 6th December will have a bearing on the decision, despite the application being made before that date.  This is because the NDP was adopted before the determination date, which will be 31st January 2019.

Although there were nearly 600 objections to the previous application regarding this site (P174495/O), these will not be carried over, so it is vital to make your views known again by email or post.  The old application has not been withdrawn: its published determination date is 7th January, so the NDP will have a bearing on this as well.

Among those objecting is the Ledbury and District Civic Society, who additionally make a very good point that 'the applicant has not carried out a new public consultation exercise and is relying entirely on publicity and community engagement carried out for application P174495 in their Statement of Community Involvement.  In our view either the applicant should be required to carry out a new community involvement exercise if they wish to maintain that this is a wholly new application or, if they wish to rely on the earlier consultation and many of the supporting documents (slightly modified) prepared for P174495 in support of application P184032 then it is only reasonable that the public objections to P174495 should also be taken into account in application P184032, at least in so far as the objections made would apply to both applications.'

However, don't rely on this - if you objected last time - or even if you didn't - please do so again!

Last Updated on Wednesday, 19 December 2018 12:01

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