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Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) Public Consultation
Written by Ledbury Town Council   
Thursday, 17 June 2021 10:22

The first Public Consultation stage of the NDP revision is now underway and lasts until midnight on 16th July.

In addition, all households in the Parish will be receiving a copy of the Issues and Options leaflet - and the questionnaire in the post during June should you prefer to complete your survey on paper.  However, we strongly prefer that you (and that means all individual members in your household who are 16 or over) please complete the questionnaire by the 16th July deadline.

You can access and complete the online questionnaire here.  The Town Council strongly recommends completion online if at all possible.

Ed: This plan sets out a vision for Ledbury over the next ten years.  The most important part of this is the ‘Settlement Boundary’, outside which development will not be permitted.  The Town Council recommends Option C: a defined Settlement Boundary that protects the Riverside Park, includes committed development sites with provision for future employment land and public open space.  Other options are: a somewhat vague boundary that only includes committed sites, or no settlement boundary at all.  Anything other than a properly defined boundary (which will be legally binding, once the NDP is adopted by Herefordshire Council) risks it being violated by avaricious developers, aided by lawyers who are well-versed in the art of planning law.  The Portal is aware that land agent Gladman is preparing a renewed planning application for land south of the Hawk Rise estate: an earlier application by the same company for the same site was refused, later upheld on appealIt is absolutely vital therefore that a Settlement Boundary is put in place ASAP.

Higher definition versions of the plans are available on the Town Council's website here - in section 9.

Delta Farce
Written by Steve Glennie-Smith   
Wednesday, 16 June 2021 19:13

However far-fetched an assertion might be, there is usually an element of truth in it.  For example, ‘Bonkers’ Boris’s ex-mate Dom’s latest diatribe centred on ‘Hopeless’ Prat Hancock....

Bozo defended his tardy decision to put India on the Red List in this BBC clip, despite that country having many times more cases of Covid per 100000 people than neighbouring Bangladesh and Pakistan, both of which were red-listed a fortnight earlier.

This video from Led By Donkeys paints a somewhat different picture:-

Tip opening hours to be extended
Written by Steve Glennie-Smith   
Thursday, 08 April 2021 12:18

Herefordshire Council has given itself planning permission to open the Little Marcle Road waste site for a full 10 hours on Sundays.  This means the tip will be open for 3 full days a week.  The statement made on the application includes: Refurbishment of existing household waste site, including extension into adjacent land, for the importation, handling, sorting, screening and temporary storage of waste materials.  One might ask into which land any extension might be made.  The Town Trail runs along one boundary: the area beyond that is a wildlife haven for many animals and birds, including green woodpeckers.

Update 2nd May: This came into effect today.  Although opening time on Sundays remains 09:30, the site will stay open until 18:00 on future Sundays.  The revised hours are: 08:00 to 18:00 on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and 09:30 to 18:00 on Sundays.  The site will remain closed on other days.

Whilst this is a welcome move, this merely brings the Ledbury site in line with those at Bromyard and Kington: smaller towns whose sites are already open three full days a week (though they shut 2 hours earlier from October to March inclusive).  Sites in Hereford and Leominster are open 7 days a week - as is that at Malvern, which also takes contentious waste such as antifreeze: this is probably more convenient from Ledbury for those who need to dispose of such items.  All sites in Herefordshire and Worcestershire are available to residents of both counties (but not those of Bromsberrow and Dymock [Gloucestershire] - the booking system [qv.] has made sure of that).

One does wonder if just extending Sunday hours will be sufficient when the extra 1200 houses that have been forced onto Ledbury are all occupied.  The inconvenient booking system has significantly reduced availability of the site, especially now the gardening season has started.

Enquiries have been made to Herefordshire Council, to which a council spokesperson has replied (shown in italics, followed by my further comments):

Last Updated on Sunday, 02 May 2021 21:03
An April evening bike ride
Written by A. Cyclist   
Sunday, 18 April 2021 22:41

If foreign holidays are out this year, leaving staycations as the only alternative, there are fewer places to beat Herefordshire.  An evening bike ride on a sunny April evening just to the west of Ledbury reveals how beautiful our county is.

Leave Ledbury via the Town Trail as far as Little Marcle Road, or via Bridge Street.  Cross the bypass at the bottom of Lower Road and carry on past UBL.  After about a mile, bear left and then right.

After about 2 miles out of town, you will find this interesting tree house (left).

After another mile or so, turn right on the A4172 and take the next left.  Carry on towards Putley.  Just before you get to Aylton, there is a sharp turn to the right:

Repair Café re-imagined: Update
Written by Repair Café Ledbury   
Sunday, 16 August 2020 19:53

RCL logo

To comply with Lockdown 3, the Repair Café has had to suspend activities again.  Hence sessions for January, February and March 2021 have, regrettably, been cancelled.  We do hope to be able to reopen as soon as possble.

The Ledbury public’s appetite for repair was clearly demonstrated by the success of our first two sessions in February and March 2020.  We are keen to develop the idea of Keeping Repair Alive in Ledbury without, of course, risking any spread of the Covid-19 virus amongst our volunteers, clients, or the public in general.

Our new way of operating this popular service last September was a drop off and collect repair service for portable household items of a mechanical, electrical or ceramic nature.  This proved very successful, so the same format will be maintained when we are able to reopen.  [Please note: All items will be sanitised before being worked on.  This means that we cannot accept any textile or fabric repairs, or any other item where application of sanitising products would cause damage.]

Our volunteer repairers will work at safely spaced-out tables inside the hall, with public drop-off and return desks located at the entrance from Church Lane (opposite the Prince of Wales pub) and from the ally beside Ledbury News on the High Street respectively.

All bookings made so far in 2021 have been held over until we can reopen.  Owing to the backlog, we regret we are unable to take more bookings for some time.  Further details and updates will be posted here.

Repair Cafés are local schemes that promote repair as an alternative to throwing things away.  The idea was born in Amsterdam in 2009, and there are now over 1500 Repair Cafés worldwide.

Repair Cafés do not charge a fee for repairs, but donations towards running costs are gratefully accepted into our cash quarantine box!

Last Updated on Tuesday, 05 January 2021 22:53

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