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Gladman - It's not too late...
Written by Steve Glennie-Smith   
Friday, 14 December 2018 21:20

Although representations regarding Gladman's planning application (P184032/O) for up to 420 dwellings south of the Barratt site may no longer be made online via Herefordshire Council's website, you may still do so by email to the case officer, who is Carl Brace ( uk) - or by old-fashioned letter to:

Carl Brace
Herefordshire Council Planning Services,
PO Box 230,
Hereford  HR1 2ZB.

170 representations have been posted on HC's web page to date, of which 155 are objections and the remainder are neutral.  Nobody has expressed support for this one!

Contrary to speculation, the Portal is assured by Herefordshire Council the Neighbourhood Development Plan, which was approved by referendum on 6th December will have a bearing on the decision, despite the application being made before that date.  This is because the NDP was adopted before the determination date, which will be 31st January 2019.

Although there were nearly 600 objections to the previous application regarding this site (P174495/O), these will not be carried over, so it is vital to make your views known again by email or post.  The old application has not been withdrawn: its published determination date is 7th January, so the NDP will have a bearing on this as well.

Among those objecting is the Ledbury and District Civic Society, who additionally make a very good point that 'the applicant has not carried out a new public consultation exercise and is relying entirely on publicity and community engagement carried out for application P174495 in their Statement of Community Involvement.  In our view either the applicant should be required to carry out a new community involvement exercise if they wish to maintain that this is a wholly new application or, if they wish to rely on the earlier consultation and many of the supporting documents (slightly modified) prepared for P174495 in support of application P184032 then it is only reasonable that the public objections to P174495 should also be taken into account in application P184032, at least in so far as the objections made would apply to both applications.'

However, don't rely on this - if you objected last time - or even if you didn't - please do so again!

A conclusive YES for the NDP
Written by Steve Glennie-Smith   
Friday, 07 December 2018 09:18

The results from yesterday's referendum whether to adopt the Neighbourhood Development Plan were as follows: (source: Herefordshire Council)

YES 1514 votes (90.6%)
NO 158 votes (9.4%)

Turnout was 23%, which was not as disappointing as many had feared.

The question asked was Do you want Herefordshire Council to use the neighbourhood plan for Ledbury to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?  This appears it is not seeking adoption of the whole plan, but that apparently is protocol: they're all of the form 'Do you want XXX Council to use the neighbourhood plan for YYY to help it decide planning applications...' .

The count took place in Hereford Town Hall last night.  Why there??  Almost certainly protocol again (since Herefordshire Council had arranged the referendum).  Ledbury Town Council didn't know the result when I phoned them this morning!

Moving on: this gives all of us an extra weapon with which to hold back the likes of Gladman, but it still remains important to comment on their revised planning application (P184032/O) for land south of the 'Barratt' site, ie. further down the Dymock road, by next Thursday (13th December).  This may be done on-line on Herefordshire Council's website.

Nobody says the plan is perfect - but it could be amended to give it more strength and another referendum held later to approve any amendments.

How the NDP can stop excessive house building
Written by Ledbury Town Council   
Thursday, 29 November 2018 19:31

Ed:  The closing date for comments on the second Gladman planning application is Thursday 13th December.  Here is a direct link to the relevant page on Herefordshire Council's website.

The NDP may be downloaded from here.

More on this and how the Gladman 'Little Marcle Road' proposal is likely to be a smokescreen here.

New scheme brings e-bikes to Ledbury
Written by Ledbury Area Cycle Forum   
Sunday, 02 December 2018 19:15

Would you love to cycle more but find local hills and windy days too much like hard work?  Now is a good time to try out an electric bike and see how well it can work for you.  Thanks to funding from the Tesco Bags of Help scheme, topped up by the Colwall Car Club, the Ledbury Area Cycle Forum now hosts its very own community e-bike, which people can borrow for a fortnight to 'test-ride' free of charge.  This Ledbury e-bike is an extension of the scheme already running in Malvern and Colwall.

E-bikes come with a hearty local endorsement from Coddington cyclist Colin Palmer, who regularly cycles long distances in Britain and Europe in the company of friends whose disabilities mean they couldn't manage a human-powered bike.  He recommends that anyone who feels that cycling is just too energetic for shopping, getting to work, or enjoying our delightful Herefordshire country lanes should give electric bikes a try.

"They're great fun to ride, feel just like an ordinary bike with a bit of a boost when you want it, and at any time you can choose just how much help you want from the motor" says Colin. "Many converts reckon it actually improves their fitness as they get out on the bike more regularly, and commuting to work by e-bike proves a big money-saver, without needing a shower at the end of the ride."  On average an e-bike will cost about 2p to recharge which is the equivalent of 1000 mpg.  Unlike electric cars, the battery can be removed from the bike and charges from an ordinary 13A socket.

Investing in an e-bike might seem daunting (£1500 to £2500 for a decent model).  This is where the new scheme can help, by giving you the chance to test ride an e-bike.  You can book your test fortnight well in advance, pick up the bike in Ledbury town, experience the joys of an e-bike, and then get help to choose one that is right for you.

For more information, please visit

Telephone: 07973-721809

Or email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

LADS' 80th Anniversary
Written by The Market Theatre   
Tuesday, 13 November 2018 20:56

Ledbury Amateur Dramatic Society (LADS) is celebrating its 80th anniversary this year.  LADS is the second-oldest voluntary organisation in Ledbury after the Rugby Club.

To mark the occasion our ex-Treasurer Brian Hudson has produced a full-colour 80-page book telling the Society’s remarkable story...

  • How it went from using a WW2 Nissen hut to owning its own purpose-built theatre;
  • The trials and tribulations of leasing premises from the Church Army;
  • How the “legendary” pantomimes began;
  • How the Society might have folded after a disastrous fire.

There is also a complete list of every known LADS production - well over 250 of them!  As well as being a fascinating account of the Society’s development, this volume will be an invaluable reference work in the future.

Orders are being accepted now.  The price is £12.50 up to the end of January 2019, and £14 after that.  Delivery is free in the Ledbury area, or if collected from the theatre.  Postage outside the area is £2 extra.

To place your order, please print out this form, complete it and attach payment, and leave it with bar staff or in the theatre mailbox, or send to 5 Progress Close, Ledbury HR8 2QZ.


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