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#1 2009-10-04 14:51:03

Lady Pen

International Rescue

The world is a smaller place; air travel, satellite communications, the Internet. We are technologically advanced with the ability to move people, goods and food at speed around the world. So why are we so slow to react to terrible events such as earthquakes and tsunamis?
Isn't it time the international community put in place global organisations around the world that can deal with disasters?
Heavy machinery, air craft, tents, bedding, water, food supplies and man power that can be directed at speed to wherever they are needed.
If we spent less money on war and diverted it to some kind of International Rescue organisation, wouldn't the world be a better place?
With governments and scientists around the world telling us that things will get worse because of global warming, wouldn't we all feel safer with such an organisation?


#2 2009-10-06 11:21:50


Re: International Rescue

Our caring cousins America have been supplying the world with weapons for years so poorer countries can protect themselves from invaders. If America spent more time helping the rest of the world and bringing some of the more fundamental cultures up to speed they may actually benifit from it, as a more technologically sound environment maybe worth more to them especially if there are no worthy natural resources they can try to claim from their land, but also the people of the 'new world' maybe more inclined to defend and protect what they have built so America could be quids in on the old arms trading again as long as they keep the pressure on. I.R. sounds like a dream but if we ALL start taking care of those close by us then the dream may start to awaken.


#3 2009-11-10 14:42:13

Joe K

Re: International Rescue

Nationalism trumps internationalism every time.

Nice forum, by the way.


#4 2010-01-18 12:38:50

Ray X

Re: International Rescue

Looking at what's happening in Haiti regarding the confusion and delays with the rescue and relief work, a properly co-ordinated ready for action United Nations led International Rescue team does look appropriate.
It would seem obvious that the United Nations is the organisation to look to to set up something like this.


#5 2010-08-11 14:29:49

Lady Pen

Re: International Rescue

Pakistan could do with an International Rescue right now.

Regarding Joe K's comment I disagree: Multi-national corporations trump National governments nine times out of ten. Elite international corporations are money/profit driven and the national establishments that shelter and harbour them, and then do their bidding, have their executive noses firmly in the trough.


#6 2010-09-04 09:03:09

Ray X

Re: International Rescue

If this International Rescue did exist and they had some kind of huge mechanical mole-like digger, they would probably have rescued those trapped miners by now.


#7 2013-04-30 15:19:59

Ray X

Re: International Rescue

Rana Plaza, Bangladesh. Trying to rescue hundreds of people, mostly women, who make 'cheap' clothes for consumers in the West. Rescuers lack basic equipment such as heat seeking devices to locate living people.

The BBC and the journalists can get there to put this 'story' on page 22, but there is no International Rescue.

As for these 'cheap' clothes - they aren't so cheap now are they?

Perhaps the people who buy them and demand cheap products like this that are not ethically produced and sourced, should now put their hands in their wallets and help the wounded, the orphans and pay for funerals.

Perhaps the companies who profited from this 'cheap' labour should do likewise.


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