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#1 2014-08-09 17:00:52

Ray X

Elite Pickings

"Idiot" billionaire Ecclestone has paid his way out of a possible 10 year prison sentence for bribery, by, er, paying £60 million for his freedom. That would be like you or me getting out a £4,000 roll of twenty's, licking a thumb, counting out three of them and saying to the judge: 'there you are, 60 quid should do it.'

Meanwhile, the Mayor of London, Boris Wacko Johnson, is so special, so hardworking, such a superman, that he has told David Cameron (he who points at fish) that he'd like two jobs - one as an MP and one as Mayor of London. Either, he can incredibly juggle two difficult and demanding jobs simultaneously, or both of these jobs are really just a bit of a doddle.

Meanwhile, hard working GPs earning £140,000 a year are now thinking: 'you know what, I don't need that much money, and I don't like working a full week.' So they job share - half the work, half the money. But it can't be easy living on only 70 grand.

It's a funny old world!


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