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#1 2015-10-29 12:43:15

Lady Pen

Hunters and Poachers

They call them 'hunters' and 'poachers' - these human monsters who are killing lions and elephants for fun and for profit.

If you are a Western pervert with a pornographic desire to kill an endangered species, you will need a hired hand to track and guide you and you will want the latest in killing technology. Hardly a hunt, more of a murder with local assistance.

If you are a poacher willing to kill whole herds of elephants using cyanide in order to strip their tusks for Asian markets and profits, you are not the poacher that I grew up knowing about. The serf killing game on  Lord Muck's estate so he can feed his poor family you are not. For this endangered species genocide I cannot find the word to describe these monsters.

But know this: The caged lions and elephants in zoos will not mourn the passing of their wild brothers and sisters. When the wilderness is long gone and satellites have tracked the last wild dead elephant, it is humans who will mourn their passing, they'll be nothing left to hunt and poach and manage.


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