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The Shop at Bromsberrow - Newsletter April 2018 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jan Long   
Tuesday, 10 April 2018 21:30

Monica Butler writes: Easter Extras. A pretty Easter themed display has been created showing a range of small gifts, chocolates and sweets!  There are also large chocolate eggs, boxed chocolates, Drapers Hot Cross Buns, and Fabrice has baked his special large French hot cross buns!  Three Choirs local wine is also filling the shelves.  Our best selling items including freshly cut ham, large eggs, and bacon are always on sale.  With thoughts of Spring Cleaning we also stock a range of cleaning materials at very reasonable prices.  The Shop will be open every morning over the Easter weekend thanks to the willing volunteers.

The shop was busy during the recent snowy bouts and thanks to the staff for remaining open for your convenience.

Date for your Diary: The SHOP Annual General Meeting has been fixed for Friday 25th May in the Shop at 6pm.  This is an important event when shareholders can find out how things are going and hear about the changes planned.  Yes, we hope the whole space can be revamped, decorated, the café improved, possibly a lower ceiling installed over part of the area, funding will be needed!  All are welcome to attend although only shareholders can vote.  Your shop, so have your say!

THE long-awaited “Bromsberrow BIG BRUNCH” will take place on Saturday 28th April from 10am to 12noon.  Our usual fantastic plates of eggs, bacon, sausages, hash browns, tomatoes, mushrooms, toast, plus coffee or tea all for £6.50 - adults, or £4.50 for children of primary age.  Surely a bargain! Tickets will be available in advance from the Shop, so book you place!

Techie News from Percy Hunt: Replacing our EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) system
Our current system is effective in recording sales either by barcode or “touch-screen”, however, it has serious deficiencies concerning the ordering process and the management statistics it can provide.  More modern systems use the internet to link to the database of major suppliers (in our case Bookers) so that prices and costs are fed to the system automatically and stock can be immediately update.  I have visited community shop in Ilmington (Warwickshire) and Down Ampney (Gloucestershire) to see the systems they use and made arrangements for a demonstration of each system at the shop.  One has already taken place and I expect the other to occur shortly. The next step, assuming we are satisfied, is to arrange a more substantial demonstration of the better system using our own data when everyone will have an invitation to come and try it.  Stay tuned for more news!

Marie Brian tells us that new stock is arriving from Shabby Chic Shack on the 12 April; follow us on Facebook for a sneak preview.  Sheryl has agreed a 15% discount from any stock purchased on the 28 April during the big brunch event.

"Now then Dot, do you know about this new GDPR, General Data Protection Regulations?  "The what Mavis?" "Dot, you need to know, and it's no use you hiding your head in the sand (as you usually do) and pretending that it isn’t there!"  This new rule applies to all businesses, large and small, in a nutshell (about the size of your brain, Dot, I thought).  All Shop volunteers and helpers need to have given written confirmation that they agree to give their name and contact details. "Dot, this is important, for instance I've already had numerous emails and texts from various businesses that regularly contact me, requesting confirmation of these details, and all are taking it seriously, so must the Shop!"
Here is a brief summary: General Data Protection Regulation: The Law on data protection is changing soon, which means you need to have a say about the personal information kept about you and what is done with it and what your rights are in connection with the GDPR.  In order for your personal information to be used (e-mail/telephone etc) you must confirm in writing that you have agreed and giving your consent.  The management committee have a responsibility to safeguard your details, not share or disclose data and as far as possible to blind copy emails therefore not revealing addresses, unless your permission is given to do so.  Any physical information (addresses/telephone numbers etc) must be locked in a filing cabinet.  In this age of cyber-hacking and other issues, remember this new regulation is for our protection!

Bromsberrow Heath Gardening Club - from Judith Britton: The bad weather deterred some members attending March meeting which was held in the cosy village hall where the heating had been turned on for our comfort!  We welcomed David Cramp who gave an enthralling presentation on the Natural History of the Falkland Islands.  The talk entitled "Summertime on the Islands" focused mainly on the bird life and David visited the Falklands in November 2015 with his wife.  Illustrated by a map of the Falklands, David showed their journeys around both East and West Falkland. The route they took, mainly by small plane and once on a small boat, was based on where their accommodation was located.  Accommodation for visitors gets booked up very quickly.  David had organised his own flight on a military aircraft from Brize Norton.  The flight takes eighteen hours with a two hour stop for refuelling in the Ascension Islands.  The islands are virtually treeless, very windy at times with lots of lovely white beaches.  The shrubby heathland is composed of a low growing shrub called diddle–dee, amidst other grass species.  There is widespread Tussac grass providing a microculture for the birds and a good nesting environment.  There are two endemic species of bird the Cobbs Wren and the Falklands Flightless Steamer Duck.  There are five species of penguin.  The largest breeding population of Black-Browed Albatross in the World is found on the Islands.  There are huge Elephant Seals at Sea Lion Island in the South: male Elephant Seals weigh 4500kg and the females weigh 900kg.  It was a fascinating insight into those distant islands.  Throughout the meeting we enjoyed the perfume being produced by the bulbs and judging our "bowl of bulbs competition" was done by David Cramp and the winner was Sue Sherwood with her beautiful yellow Crocus; runner up was David Myers with a bowl of White Cilla.  Next meeting is 12th April at 7.30 pm, when Penny Platts will present "Hereford City Revealed".  New members and visitors welcome.

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