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Getting Down To The Three-Five-Oh PDF Print E-mail
Written by Drew   
Monday, 26 October 2009 09:31




Bang That Drum

Pump Up The Volume

Heavy Metal

Come Join The Band

Everybody Dance Now


young concern


Any chance of another song ?

"Same again next week ?"

Get on your bike and bring it back to 'Three-Five-Oh!'

Last Updated on Wednesday, 04 November 2009 15:05
Comments (1)
Domestic Extremists
1 Monday, 26 October 2009 13:28
Ray X
Were you captured on camera there by the fuzz? You may have joined the National Public Order Intelligence Unit's list of thousands who dare to demonstrate against such things as climate change, war or animal vivisection.
Big Brother is very interested in you. Big Police Boss Anton Setchell told the Guardian newspaper: "Just because you have no criminal record does not mean that you are not of interest to the police."
Can you imagine what our world would be like without our history of protests? Women would not have the vote; African people would still be slaves throughout the free world; you'd still be paying your poll tax; India and the USA would still be part of the British Empire; Apartheid would still exist in America and South Africa; the Berlin Wall would still be standing; America could still be at war with Vietnam...
What an ugly repugnant repressive world the spy lenses of the law enforcers would have us live in.
Without recent protests would our government have troubled themselves to legislate against climate change or the treatment of animals used for food or medical experiments?
Smile if you can, big brother's got ya!