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Sun Dogs - one more time... PDF Print E-mail
Written by Marcus Morris   
Tuesday, 22 June 2010 00:26

Regular visitors to the Portal might be forgiven for thinking that I am obsessed with Sun Dogs; certainly this is not the first time I have reported them here.

Travelling from Ledbury to Bodenham last Sunday (20th June), my companion pointed out a very unusual cloud formation in the early evening sky. Magnificent cataracts and feathered darts of ice crystals tumbled overhead as Nature's show began.

Presently, one Sun Dog appeared to the right of the Sun, then a second Sun Dog appeared to the left, giving the impression of three suns in the sky. I had never seen the double Sun Dog phenomenon before - what a privilege!

I regret that, as a passenger in my companion's car, I was unable to photograph the whole spectacle. In fact, my companion was rather dismissive of the whole thing, silly sausage that he is. One Sun Dog appears below - the best I could get from the car window.

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