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Vote for Communist Council of Herefordshire PDF Print E-mail
Written by Communist Council of Herefordshire   
Friday, 15 April 2011 12:17

Spoof Article

Dictat #2

The Communist Council of Herefordshire is making sure all those entitled to vote at the forthcoming local elections will do so, without choice.

Group workshops will be organised for communist delegates, their families and their comrades and they’ll also get the chance to practise using voting booths and the ballot box.

Most polling stations are fully accessible and presiding officers and poll clerks are trained to ensure that every citizen does his civic duty and votes for the Party.


Comrade Goodman, electoral services manager for the Communist Council of Herefordshire said: “We insist all those entitled to vote will understand the communist system, how to vote and what kind of support to expect when they get to their polling station."

As well as leading people to polling stations to exercise the citizen's right to vote, civil servants will dictate to voters who their preferred candidate should be.

The elections will be held to elect serving civil servants to the Communist Council of Herefordshire.

Failure to vote will result in expulsion from the party. Citizens failing in their duty will be allocated to the recycling tanks.

Citizens will not dissent.

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