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Written by A Dissident   
Friday, 15 April 2011 17:35

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Ledbury Phallus on Ledbury PortalLedbury street graffito artist, the anonymous Wanksy, has disappeared only two days after his last work entitled A Dick Held Hostage by CCH was removed from outside the library by the Communist Council of Herefordshire chain gang (Army).

The work, which quickly became an Internet sensation, is a four metre phallus that imperceptibly grows with the curvature of the universe where space meets time.

It had been expected that the graffito would win first prize at this year's hArt week, however that seems unlikely now as the Communist Council of Herefordshire has stated that Wanksy and his capitalist guerilla colleagues have been charged with hooliganism, convicted in their absence and will each be receiving fifteen years hard labour in the infamous Forest iron mines.



CCH propagandist, Comrade Goodman, told the Ledbury Portal: "They will no longer dissent."

Only days before his disappearance Wanksy had been interviewed on Radio Severn and had described the scrutiny he had been receiving from the authorities:

"There are two surveillance cameras at my gate, my phone is tapped and every message I send on the Internet is censored.

"Communist Herefordshire is in many ways like the Middle Ages. The Communist Council of Herefordshire's control over people's minds and the flow of information is just like before the Enlightenment."

Wanksy also deplored the constraints on the freedom of expression:

"Every piece of news in Herefordshire is controlled by the Press Office of Propaganda. It is pitiful. They lack confidence and communication skills. They refuse to discuss any matter intellectually. They must have an enemy. They have to create you as their enemy in order for them to continue their existence. It is very ironic."

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