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Apathy wins Communist Election PDF Print E-mail
Written by Communist Council of Herefordshire   
Friday, 06 May 2011 11:41

Spoof Article

Communist ChairmanChairman Bullie of the Communist Council of Herefordshire has declared victory at the recent Communist Elections held in the county.

"This won't change anything" declared the Chairman "I am still the leader and I still have access to a salary that most people can only dream of. I have the power. You can vote for any communist councilor, but at the end of the day it makes no difference. I am the leader."

Chairman Bullie also went on to congratulate the apathy of the electorate:

"Without the majority of people voting it is easy for no change to be implemented. Historically many people have died in the struggle to gain universal suffrage - look at the suffragette movement and now look at how many women cannot be bothered to vote. What was the point? Even the working classes will not vote to throw off the shackles of ultra-capitalism. This is a proud victory for Communism. I laugh in the face of so-called democracy. Dozens of communists have been elected, but I, Chairman Bullie, remain unelected as supreme ruler."

In the tiny principality of Leideberge apathy won an even greater victory as no election was even held. A spokesman for the local  I can't be bothered to think party yawned and said "yeah, like, well, like, wot the..."

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