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Herefordshire Council Rejected Tesco Proposal PDF Print E-mail
Supermarket Debate
Written by John Eager   
Sunday, 22 May 2011 10:27

Following revelations at this week's council meeting that Tesco had been secretly talking to Herefordshire Council about their proposal to build a hypermarket off Leadon Way, the Ledbury Community Portal contacted planning officers at the council to ask them what had taken place.

Roland Close, Herefordshire Council planning officer, told the Ledbury Portal that Tesco had made this proposal back in February, 2011, but the planning officer had found it unacceptable for three reasons:

Firstly, there was no need for the size of store that Tesco was proposing; secondly, the location was not appropriate and would likely compromise Ledbury's town centre, and thirdly it would cause a rise of unemployment in Ledbury.



Since this rejection Mr Close said Tesco had not returned to Herefordshire Council.

However, as the Ledbury Community Portal first reported, the Major of Ledbury and three ward councilors have held secret talks with Tesco and have still not told the public what happened in these talks.

However, the Ledbury Portal has gleaned information that the participants in these talks were bound by some kind of pact or oath of confidentiality, that the participants seem unwilling to break.

Who required this confidentiality and why?

Why were these councilors holding secret talks with Tesco about a building proposal without having a Herefordshire Council planning officer present?

The Ledbury Portal has also learnt that no minutes of this secret meeting were taken.

Quite simply, what do these councilors and Tesco have to hide from us?

Editor: My viewpoint is that our elected representatives should be open and accountable. Secret talks with corporate giants such as Tesco will only sow seeds of distrust between the electorate and those 'elected'. The town councilors present at this secret meeting need reminding that they are sitting on the council by default and not by the will of the people. Their actions could be construed as bringing the council into disrepute.

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