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Written by Dave Goodman   
Saturday, 06 October 2012 09:59
Andrew H, again this to me is the problem, given a Facebook group already exists for LESS and/or that some of the people on VoL stood on a UKIP platform (it being a legitimate political party) is something of little importance other than to those that wish to denigrate it. It should be about the community it serves surely? Please don't kid yourself that only those in the LESS campaign, were in some way underhand, devious or out with a vested interest because you know full well that members of LOTS said and did things to fuel the situation further. So lets be real here. This, it was all "them" not "us" attitude, doesn't in the end help anyone debate anything. Neither does belittling other people because you believe you are better educated than them, please don't try and tell that didn't happen either because I know full well that it did. As someone who for much of the time was undecided on the issue, the constant mud slinging and underhand games (then and since) did and does nothing to encourage interactive debate, in fact it just alienates most people, leaving only those that wish to engage in egotistical personal battles. Back to the question, if you read my post, my point is that the debate forum should be the one that reaches and INCLUDES the largest cross section of Ledbury people. I have said the same thing on VoL, the constant sterotyping of "native" ledbury and of "outsiders" is just going to widen the divide, not bring the community together. That is what the whole supermarket debate was really about, it was not really about a supermarket per se. Oddly enough why can't we hear the same level noise about the massively reduced, critical public services in this growing town?? why? because its doesn't fuel this ridiculous pseudo class war.
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