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Council to consider local corporation tax PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ray X   
Thursday, 23 May 2013 15:01


Spoof Article

Herefordshire elite could be asked to back a new corporation tax in a countywide referendum.

The full communist council will discuss raising significant taxes from local international corporations such as Tesco and Amazon which will effectively increase a range of council services. The taxes are necessary due to serious reductions in the council’s funding from the central fascist government, which requires finding revenue of £53 million over five years. The communist council will raise £14 million in the new tax this year alone.



Communist Council officer Mr Hardly told the Ledbury Portal:  “Council’s [sic] face some stark choices. In Herefordshire, we need to raise significant taxation across the corporations if we are to balance our budget after severe funding reductions from the fascist government. This means taxing corporations which are over-valued by local people to ensure we protect and maintain vital services to vulnerable residents.

“We face further cuts in government support over the next few years, so we must consider the possibility of raising a local corporation tax responsibly and proportionately across local/global business, as we begin to consider next year’s budget.

“Before we take any steps in that direction, we need to judge whether there will be support for such an increase and my comrades and I will be talking to the elite to find out if they would be prepared to pay their way to protect the county’s vital services.”


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