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Broiler Application at Chances Pitch PDF Print E-mail
Written by John Eager   
Monday, 03 August 2015 15:47

The second application for two broiler units at Chances Pitch has been submitted by the Houlbrooke family.

Opponents to the application are convinced that the proposed site will increase traffic problems both at the Chances Pitch Colwall turning and in Ledbury itself as eight nights a year 44 tonne HGVs will pass through Ledbury from 3am carrying thousands of chickens.

The unpleasant stench of chicken manure that already fouls the Ledbury air periodically, will increase by a factor of eight as chicken waste is sprayed as manure onto local fields. There is also a chance that prevailing winds will bring the stench more often to Ledbury alongside the chance of bio-aerosols carrying bacteria.



As well as making living locally more unpleasant opponents to the site believe it will negatively affect tourism to the area.

The Houlbrooke's counter these arguments saying that their research reveals that in Tetbury, where a large poultry farm is sited near the Caldcot Hotel, both facilities work together in a complimentary way.

They also state that the height of the sheds has been lowered and their roof colour changed to dark grey. Landscaping has also been revised in accordance to recommendations from English Heritage.

If you wish to support or object to this planning application, P151966/F contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by 14th August, 2015.

There will be a public meeting about this application on Thursday 6th August at Colwall Village Hall from 7.30pm.


Last Updated on Monday, 03 August 2015 15:49
Comments (2)
Cargill downsizing..
2 Friday, 18 March 2016 01:10
Steve Glennie-Smith
Just as well this was later refused in view of the announcement earlier this week that Cargill has lost its contract to supply Asda. This will result in the loss of over 200 jobs at Cargill's Hereford factory - with as yet unspecified knock-on losses to Cargill's subcontractors...
Chickens and Cargill
1 Tuesday, 11 August 2015 10:07
Steve Glennie-Smith
Although there is a weight limit on Ledbury's High Street and the Homend, this is unlikely to be enforced at 03:00! So, every five weeks or so, these big lorries would be trundling back and forth between Chances Pitch and Cargill's meat processing plant in Hereford. Eastbound traffic WILL use New Street and westbound traffic WILL take the shortest route which, in the small hours, is through the centre of Ledbury.

Although the Houlbrookes cite a hotel at Caldcot (sic) as being near a similar broiler unit with no smell problem, there is no real comparison. They are in fact referring to the Calcot Manor Hotel, which is near where the A4135 crosses the A46, 5km west of Tetbury. That crossroads has traffic lights so there is no real danger of fast-moving traffic on the A46 careering into slowly accelerating lorries trundling towards the M4. The whole area is fairly flat. Contrast this with traffic hammering down the A449 at Chances Pitch unable to see the 44-tonner that has just left the site round the left bend towards the Wellington....

The Calcot business is egg production, not live birds for slaughter, so the vehicles will be much smaller.