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Herefordshire backs Brexit PDF Print E-mail
Written by Steve Glennie-Smith   
Friday, 24 June 2016 09:04

Herefordshire taken as a whole has strongly backed Brexit, with 64122 votes cast to leave the EU, and 44148 voting to remain.  This represents a Brexit vote of 59.22% and a countywide turnout of 78%.  A total of 66 ballot papers were regarded as 'spoiled'. (Source: Herefordshire Council's website.)

The national result was closer, with 51.89% in favour of leaving.

Results are only available how each unitary authority (such as Herefordshire) or district council (such as Malvern Hills) voted, not down to individual town level (such as Ledbury).

Neighbouring areas voted similarly to leave, the exception being Monmouthshire, who voted by a marginal 50.44% to remain.

Other nearby results were:-

Malvern Hills 52.16% LEAVE
Worcester 53.68% LEAVE
Shropshire 56.87% LEAVE
Forest of Dean 58.58% LEAVE
Gloucester 58.50% LEAVE
Powys 53.74% LEAVE

(Source: Daily Mirror website.)

Bill Wiggin (MP for North Herefordshire, who backed Brexit) said this morning:-
“I’m delighted by the result. We had the whole weight of the establishment and people have been through a long and difficult campaign but the people have spoken and we must respect the outcome.
Obviously I’m personally delighted as I was campaigning for the leave campaign and so many people have agreed that we need to take back control of our borders and our democracy.
I think it is a very exciting time for British politics and I am looking forward to going back to Westminster to see how it transforms government.
But we must never forget it was a Conservative government that trusted the people with the referendum and for that election manifesto commitment we have kept I think we should be very grateful to David Cameron."

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