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Ledbury's view of May's Brexit PDF Print E-mail
Written by Steve Glennie-Smith   
Saturday, 12 January 2019 18:09

That was the message put out by Ledbury for Europe, a new group 'from Ledbury and surroundings, tired of the government's mistakes and lies'.
Update: Bill Wiggin was one of the 118 Tory MPs who voted against May's deal this evening (15th January) according to The Spectator.

Having climbed onto the fence (as stated last week in the Ledbury Reporter), Wiggin reverted at the last minute to his former stance.  South Herefordshire MP Jesse Norman voted as he had previously indicated FOR May's deal.  It was resoundingly defeated by 230 votes - the biggest on record for a sitting government.  Did somebody say something like "strong and stable"?

It seems the Ledbury group is getting a lot of support, judging by the 'Brexitometer' on display in Ledbury's High Street this morning:

Harriet Pahl showing the results of today's 'poll'.

The group was out this morning, inviting passers-by to state their preferences for these options: 'May's deal', 'Crash out with No Deal' or 'Stay In'.  The board Harriet is holding says a lot...

Nearly 60% of Herefordshire (taken as a whole) voted to leave the EU in the June 2016 referendum (no separate figures were published for how Ledbury voted).  Now the lies perpetrated by Farage, Johnson et. al. have been fully exposed for what they are, opinion is changing.  Parliament is in total disarray over Brexit, running like lemmings to a cliff-edge.

The obvious way forward is to delay Article 50 (read this interesting article in the Guardian by Jonathan Powell, who was chief of staff to the former Labour prime minister Tony Blair from 1995 to 2007) to give time to hold a second referendum, now the electorate is significantly better informed of the issues.  Perhaps MPs are scared of the changing tide, which could now easily see a 'stay in' vote.  Let’s face it - in the intervening 2½ years, some die-hard 'leavers' have passed away and many more 'millennials' (who will still be facing the fallout from this debâcle decades after their Europhobic grandparents have gone to that great Brexit Island in the sky) now have the vote.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 15 January 2019 20:46
Comments (3)
Green Brexit
3 Friday, 15 February 2019 12:40
Ray X
The economist who wrote that is an idiot - not once does s/he mention the environment. Any economist who doesn't take the environment into consideration is a moron.

All our economic resources (besides our imagination) come from the environment around us and we are using those resources to pollute the environment - the pesticides in our rivers and the microplastics in our oceans and the greenhouse gases building up in our atmosphere. Intensive farming is not only polluting rivers and destroying insect and bird populations, but it is causing soil erosion.

A Green Brexit would be a lead signifier for the rest of the world - green energy, green transport, localism, organic farming and re-wilding.

Any other future UK that still works on the outmoded Neo-Liberal Capitalist Corporate Globalism would be toxic to both our environment and its people.

The best start would be a new politics - and we might see this with the fracturing of C20th political parties and the call for People's Assemblies.
False Evidence Appearing Real
2 Sunday, 20 January 2019 21:31
Andy Thompson

Required reading:
What will the effects of Brexit really be

This may well be a worst case scenario but an entirely possible one.  It would be good if Leavers, without resorting to insults and uninformed opinion, could suggest how we are going to "get over" this.  When "Project Fear" turns out to be the new reality, apart from the disaster capitalists, we're all going to be stuffed.

Project Fear
1 Tuesday, 15 January 2019 16:23
Ray X
They say the channel tunnel will close; they say the planes will stop flying, they say our car factories will shut down; they say lorries will be at a standstill; they say there will be no economic growth - well even if those things do happen, i.e. the EU decides it will trade with China, Japan, Australia, USA etc, but not with the UK, at least our air quality will improve and CO2 footprint will diminish.

Project Fear says there will be 'no food' - well some of us could do with a severe diet. Joking aside I see that Qatar has done more than okay, after the Saudi led blockade of the country. Nobody starved, nobody died because of a lack of medicine. Qatar quickly found new trading partners and a new measure of self-sufficiency - a herd of milking cows in the desert.

If you want to be scared think about our energy supplies - Saudi oil and Russian gas.

But blind mice feel free to run.