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Rhea Lane is still open to cyclists PDF Print E-mail
Written by A. Cyclist   
Monday, 28 January 2019 20:48

Rhea Lane remains a through route for cyclists and pedestrians while the 'Iron Bridge' is being replaced.

The contractor has clearly seen sense despite indications to the contrary from Herefordshire Council, having made provision for cyclists wanting to use the Bromyard road out of Ledbury without risking annihilation on the rat-run through Wellington Heath.  The only access for motorised vehicles to Rhea Lane is from the Hereford road end: this barrier just north of Storesbrook Farm does however have a gate..

Ed: The Portal has since had confirmation from Balfour Beatty, who are overseeing these works, that the intention is to allow free passage for cyclists and pedestrians only via this route.

Intrigued, I went though.  Work on replacing the now infamous bridge is progressing - errm - slowly.

The following photo was taken through a gap in security fencing that leaves a one-metre wide corridor on the west side of Rhea Lane for cyclists and pedestrians.  This ends at a similar gate by the junction with the Bromyard road.

A very pleasant traffic-free route apart from the section of A438 from the bypass to the foot of Bush Pitch.
Balfour Beatty has confirmed that the cleared site to the right of the photo above is for storage of materials.  There is no intention, as some had hoped, to straighten out the B4214: to do so would increase traffic speeds and endanger traffic using Rhea Lane.

Coming back via Wellington Heath wasn't as bad as I had feared - apart from the partially-sighted Tesco white van driver who didn't see my hi-viz jacket and came within millimetres of my handlebars near Prior's Court.  Everyone else was considerate - traffic density wasn't horrendous, but the greater number of Chelsea tractors and Philip-mobiles sometimes had difficulty passing each other...

... evidenced by churned up verges all the way to Wellington Heath...

Then this:

By a superlative feat of co-ordination, the Not-Very-Busy utility decided this was an opportune time to dig up the road near The Tree in Wellington Heath!  This, of course, necessitates 3-way traffic lights.  Or it would have done had the road been really busy.

Oh well: I suppose this reduces the desirability of Wellington Heath as a rat-run....

Last Updated on Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:30