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False Evidence Appearing Real PDF Print E-mail
Written by Andy Thompson   
Sunday, 20 January 2019 21:31

Required reading:
What will the effects of Brexit really be

This may well be a worst case scenario but an entirely possible one.  It would be good if Leavers, without resorting to insults and uninformed opinion, could suggest how we are going to "get over" this.  When "Project Fear" turns out to be the new reality, apart from the disaster capitalists, we're all going to be stuffed.

This is a comment on "Ledbury's view of May's Brexit"
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Green Brexit
1 Wednesday, 13 February 2019 13:19
Ray X
The economist who wrote that is an idiot - not once does s/he mention the environment. Any economist who doesn't take the environment into consideration is a moron.

All our economic resources (besides our imagination) come from the environment around us and we are using those resources to pollute the environment - the pesticides in our rivers and the microplastics in our oceans and the greenhouse gases building up in our atmosphere. Intensive farming is not only polluting rivers and destroying insect and bird populations, but it is causing soil erosion.

A Green Brexit would be a lead signifier for the rest of the world - green energy, green transport, localism, organic farming and re-wilding.

Any other future UK that still works on the outmoded Neo-Liberal Capitalist Corporate Globalism would be toxic to both our environment and its people.

The best start would be a new politics - and we might see this with the fracturing of C20th political parties and the call for People's Assemblies.

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