In denial? No way! Print
Written by Willy Biggun   
Wednesday, 12 February 2014 11:21

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Not a giraffe on Ledbury PortalHello, it's me again your lovable happy-go-lucky agriculturalist, who likes to do a little bit of government on the side - if I'm selected, of course.

Well, I must leap to the defense of our great leader, Herr Cameron. He has been accused by a veritable flood of anti-government extremists of being reactionary, out of touch with the people, ignorant of scientific evidence and being in charge of a government that is in denial.

No, no, no: I can't have that - couldn't be further from the truth. These accusations are just a load of rubbish, old tosh, borderline claptrap and, to be completely honest, irrefutable codswallop.

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