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Written by John Eager & Madan   
Friday, 05 October 2007 00:00

Video Exclusive: An Interview with Sid Rawle

Part One:

On the origins of the UK hippy movement; the music scene of the late 60s; the 1974 Windsor Park Free Festival with the Krishna movement and the subsequent battle with the police.

Interview and Video by Madan

Sid Rawle, affectionately known as the King of the Hippies and Defender of Stonehenge, gives an exclusive video interview to Madan from his garden on Yat Rock in the Forest of Dean.

Sid led a group of hippies called The Diggers at the back end of the 1960s and was a principle figure in the Summer of Love, 1967. In 1970 John Lennon of The Beatles invited Sid and The Diggers to make use of his island retreat of Dorinish (Beatle Island) to create a commune for his 'flower power' followers. The commune survived two years before they moved back to mainland Britain.

Sid, along with Bill Dwyer, organised the 1974 Windsor Park free festival. Attempting to organise the same festival a year later Sid Rawle was arrested with Dwyer and imprisoned.

In the mid 1970s Sid helped set up a family oriented commune called Tipi Valley in West Wales. It has been described as the oldest and largest community of its type in Britain.

Look out for further extracts of Madan's interview with Sid Rawle. If you wish to purchase the entire interview on CD Rom please contact the Ledbury Portal through our website. The interview lasts approximately one hour.


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