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Written by Leslie Heywood   
Wednesday, 17 September 2008 09:38

Blood of The Magpie, a new eBook from Leslie Heywood. It is seen as a parody of the conflict in Iraq.

Likened to George Orwell’s Animal Farm, a must read for all those who would like to see an end to the unnecessary bloodshed in Iraq, and to pick the right guy for the job of President of the United States of America. The book uses animals to tell how this conflict can be brought to a peaceful end. The book is about the war between the fox and the magpie. The fox in the story is seen as George W Bush and Tony Blair, the magpies as the Iraqis and the Mirror birds eggs as the oil in Iraq.


Page 35-36
After Norman the fox killed Marcus the magpie. He turned to look at the last three eggs and was taken aback at the three different reflections staring at him from the very shiny eggs.

(fox) The face in the middle looked sad and said to Norman: ‘These are the last mirror bird’s eggs, when you’ve eaten them, there will never be another mirror bird again!’

(George W Bush)The reflection on the right egg said: ‘Don’t listen to him; the eggs are a resource, you had to make their minds up for the magpies.’

(Tony Blair) The face on the left with a cheesy grin said: ‘You did the magpies a favour; you’re their friend. Now the magpies don’t have to look after the eggs, they can get on with their lives. Yes, Marcus got killed, but then there are always casualties.

Blood of The Magpie is coming out in Arabic as well as English, and its publishers Omran Publishing, hope that it might heal the wounds of this bloody conflict in Iraq.

Editor's note

Leslie Haywood is a journalist currently living in Hereford. Blood of the Magpie is his second ebook publication following on from Boys Don't Cry .

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