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Parish poll results PDF Print E-mail
Written by Steve Glennie-Smith   
Friday, 16 August 2019 10:35

The results of the parish poll held yesterday (15th August) were as follows:

49 considered a single access to the proposed 'viaduct estate' from the Bromyard Road was 'satisfactory'.

1022 voters considered the single access not to be satisfactory.

The turnout was 14.9% (figures from Ledbury Town Council).

No surprises here - few people in Ledbury want such a large 'wart' to be built north of the railway at all, let alone if it had no access from the end of the bypass, mainly citing concerns about traffic chaos at the Hereford Road junction by the railway station.

The low turnout is also unsurprising, although the only polling station (the Community Hall) was quite busy at 8pm.  But because turnout was so low, this is not a clear message that the access plan is a no-no.  The planners could argue that in reality only 14.2% of voters deemed the plan to be unsatisfactory (0.68% would have been happy with it but seemingly 85% couldn't care less).  However, of those who did turn out, over 95% were not happy about it.

Does Ledbury care?  Well - the weather couldn't be blamed, and the opening hours, although shorter than for a 'conventional' election, were long enough to suit most people.  Those who were on holiday or unable to attend for any other reason were disenfranchised since there was no postal or proxy voting, but that could only be a small percentage of the electorate.  As is often the case, the large silent majority can't now whinge if they don't like what eventually transpires...

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