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Written by Steve Glennie-Smith   
Friday, 13 December 2019 11:05

Unsurprisingly, Tory Bill Wiggin was returned in the North Herefordshire constituency, which includes Ledbury - and with a 1% increased majority.  Also unsurprisingly, Labour suffered the greatest percentage loss (-5.6%) and was pushed into third place by Ledbury’s very own Phillip Howells (Lib. Dem).  The Labour loss could partly be due to their candidate (Joe Wood) being yet another ‘plant’ from the West Midlands.  (In recent elections, only the 2017 Labour candidate was local - from Bromyard.)

Adhuc in excremento sumus - sed profunditas aucta est.

The results were:

  2019 candidate Votes Share (%) |
+/- %
Conservative Bill Wiggin 32158 63.0 | 31097 1 +1.0
Liberal Democrat Phillip Howells 7302 14.3 | 5874 3 +2.6
Labour Joe Wood 6804 13.3 | 9495 2 -5.6
Green Ellie Chowns 4769 9.4 | 2771 4 +3.8

Additionally, two Independents and a UKIP candidate stood in 2017, with UKIP coming in last.
Owing to the pact between the Conservatives and Farage’s Brexit Party, the latter did not field a candidate in North Herefordshire.

The Conservative majority is 24856.
Turnout was slightly down on 2017, at 72.6% vs. 74.1%.

The national story was repeated in South Herefordshire (which includes the city of Hereford):

  2019 candidate Votes Share (%) |
+/- %
Conservative Jesse Norman 30390 61.2 | 27004 1 +7.7
Labour Anna-Maria Coda 10704 21.6 | 11991 2 -2.2
Liberal Democrat Lucy Hurds 6181 12.5 | 3556 4 +5.4
Green Diana Toynbee 2371 4.8 | 1220 5 +2.4

An Independent came third in 2017.
UKIP came last that year: there were no candidates from either in 2019.

Herefordshire voted 59.2% in favour of Brexit in 2016 - a bit less than the Tories’ share of this election vote.

Neighbouring constituencies ended up similarly - even Cheltenham (which the Lib. Dems. lost to the Tories in 2015) remained blue with a slightly increased vote share.  Though the Lib. Dems. remained a strong second.  Similarly in Malvern.

Image courtesy Led By Donkeys

So Putin will not only have achieved Brexit, but Boris’s ‘oven ready’ half-baked deal to sell off NI to the EU and the NHS to his twitter-thumbed elder brother across the Pond are even more likely to go ahead.  Farewell, Scotland.

Meanwhile, the New York Times reports that the “House Judiciary Committee Democrats on Thursday abruptly put off a pair of historic impeachment votes after a drawn-out battle with Republicans stretched late into the night, setting up final action on Friday to approve charges that President Trump abused his power and obstructed Congress.

“Representative Jerrold Nadler, Democrat of New York and the chairman of the Judiciary Committee, called off the votes moments before they were expected to take place, announcing just after 11pm that he wanted lawmakers to have time to ‘search their consciences’ before the final roll call.

“The chairman said the committee would reconvene Friday at 10am to promptly finalize two articles of impeachment, with the outcome certain.” - which it was...