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Белгравия, Лондонград PDF Print E-mail
Written by Led By Donkeys   
Friday, 04 March 2022 22:03

Because of the horrific invasion of Ukraine, there's a lot of focus right now on Putin’s oligarchs and the cash they keep in the UK.  It’s called the ‘London laundromat’ for a reason, and our new film explains how it all works.  Buckle up and go on a tour of London with a difference.

Money-laundering expert Oliver Bullough is your guide.

We also popped down to one of Roman Abramovich’s houses yesterday afternoon with a blue plaque, to remind everyone that while France and Germany are busy seizing oligarch yachts, our government is doing almost nothing.

The AC-12 team from Line of Duty have some more questions for Boris Johnson - this time about his role in opening the door to oligarchs with links to Putin.  Our new film highlights the role he and the Conservatives have played in legitimising the Putin regime - from taking oligarch cash to putting the son of a former KGB officer into the House of Lords:-

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