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Flying Ant Day PDF Print E-mail
Written by Marcus Morris   
Thursday, 26 July 2007 16:34

Picture of a flying antMillions of flying ants took to Ledbury's skies last week in the spectacular annual event known as Flying Ant Day.

Across the country the precise date can vary but never by more than a few days. In Ledbury this year Flying Ant Day was on the 19th of July, in Croydon it was reported to be on the 15th. Last year in Ledbury it was on the 16th of July - and all without the help of PDAs! Isn't Nature wonderful?

The winged ants are fertile males and young queens who have just this one day to mate. Fertilised queens then shed their wings and find a place to build a new colony - the males perish and play no further part in the cycle. Following this mating ritual, it is estimated that as few as one in a million queens will be successful in building a colony.

Look out for Flying Ant Day next year!

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