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Mystery Soul Singer beats a Retreat PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nick Trigg   
Wednesday, 24 March 2010 11:58

The last Sunday of the month draws ever nearer and not only is this Sunday the first day of British summertime (Hoorah!!) it also heralds another open music session at The Retreat.

Impossible to know how it will go,as that is the nature of the beast, but last months evening was great fun indeed.



In attendance the usual suspects plucked, strummed and whistled away with the sophisticated blue jazz guitar of Eric Porter, the beguiling rhythms of Marcus`s mandolin, the steadying thunder of Adrians bodhran and djembe occasionally joined by Mr Stevenson's enchanting whistle playing and achingly authentic folk balladeering and me (Nick Trigg) still struggling with the mysterious vagueries of playing a stringed instrument in an open G tuning!

Step up the youngsters with Jak and Ben thrashing out complex rhythms and self penned and covered songs showing the old gits how its done!

Angie Hughes next and once again her deliverance of self written and unusual covers (accompanied by Marcus and Adrian) has all in attendance enchanted by her strong warm vocal delivery with that beguiling occasional hint of vibrato.

Then a Blues medley (jamming if you like) joined by John O`Connor's delicious gymnastics on the double bass , the mood turned down and dirty and into the candlelight gloom stepped a woman with a voice from heaven.

Joining in on some Blues classics - 'Chicago', 'Crossroads' etc., her stunning vocal accompaniment mesmerised all in attendance and then as mysteriously as she had arrived , she was gone, back into the night. We can only hope that she returns this Sunday.

The session is open to all musicians and solo singing, poetic renditions and monolgues are welcome too.

Although tiny guitar amplifiers are used to balance the overall sound of instruments, for the ease and swiftness of performer changeover Sunday evening is natural and unamplified.

This regular last Sunday in the month session is just a jam without an audience so if your intrigued and fancy an easy going end of weekend musical treat, come and have a listen and we think you`ll be pleasantly surprised at the quality of musicianship and performance witnessed locally an regularily,right here in Ledbury!

Admission is free.

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