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Written by Carole Hawkins   
Saturday, 15 May 2010 14:36

Calling all young people aged 3-15 years we invite you to enter the Ledbury in Bloom: Animal & Bird Life of Ledbury
Children/Youth Poster – Art Competition 2010


Reynard the Fox

“The stars grew bright in the winter sky

The wind came keen with a tang of frost

The brook was troubled for new things lost

The copse was happy for old things found

The fox came home and he went to ground.”

Autumn ploughing

“After the ranks of stubble have lain there,

And field mice and the finches’ beaks have found

The last spilled seed corn left upon the ground;

And no more swallows miracle in air;

When the green turf no longer hides the hare,

And dropping starling flights at evening come;

When birds except the robin, have gone dumb,

And leaves are rustling downwards everywhere;

Then, out, with the great horses, come the ploughs,

And all day long the slow procession goes,

Darkening the stubble fields with broadening strips

Gray seagulls settle after to carouse :

Harvest prepares upon the harvest’s close

Before the blackbird pecks the scarlet hips.”
John Masefield

LEDBURY IN BLOOM invite you to design a poster promoting the work of Ledbury in Bloom. The words ‘LEDBURY IN BLOOM’ must appear in the poster, together with DRAWINGS OF ANIMALS AND BIRDS  which reflects this year’s theme of JOHN MASEFIELD.. The winners will each receive a prize and their posters will be displayed in town.

Full details are on the entry form. Copies available from Local Schools, Ledbury Library, Ice Bytes Internet Café and Glazydayz Pottery Café.

All entries must have a fully completed entry form attached.

Closing date 12th June.


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