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Supermarket Debate
Written by Colin Marschall   
Wednesday, 05 October 2011 22:03

Ledbury Supports Sainsburys (LESS) group membership now stands a 429 .. If like so many others you want a new store for Ledbury, please visit our face book group page and add your support.



Remember a new store will;

1. Provide a very much needed 220 full & part time jobs to the Ledbury area

2. Provide more choice meaning no more travelling to Malvern etc to purchase your everyday items

3. Cater to Ledburys ever growing population (7%) as per Herefordshires Population Report 2010 for the for seeable future

4. Provide lower petrol prices

5. Increase in people coming to Ledbury, which should have local traders rubbing their hands in glee, more cars, more people, more potential customers - IF those traders can market themselves.

6. Allow a local business (Galebreaker) to realise its growth plans, and provide a further immediate 10 jobs with a view for more in the future.

You can make a difference, join our group today and email or write to all the Ledbury councillors and Herefordshire Planning Committee - details are on the group page.

Its time for the "Silent Majority" to be heard!

Don't be put off by the scare tactics and cherry picking of LOTS who claim to represent the majority of traders and people of Ledbury when in reality they support 30% of traders and probably less than that of the population. Their usage of town comparisons, like Malvern & Ross, being "dead towns" have already been shown to be false.

Remember LE.S.S. 4 MORE.


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