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Supermarket Debate
Written by Tom Issitt   
Monday, 07 November 2011 13:50

Following a recent public consultation, Sainsbury’s has submitted a planning application for a foodstore in Ledbury, on New Mills Industrial Estate.
Sainsbury's Supermarket in Ledbury? on Ledbury Portal
Sainsbury’s will be working closely with Herefordshire Council to help facilitate the registration of the application. Once it is formally validated, an announcement will be made to the public and the application will be available to view at the council offices and via the council website.

Galebreaker, who are currently based on Sainsbury’s proposed site, are also moving closer to submitting their application for new purpose built premises on Bromyard Road. The move will enable them to accelerate their business growth.

If approved, the Sainsbury’s development will bring a much needed petrol station to the area and create around 220 new full and part-time jobs for the local community. Other benefits in the plans in include, over 270 car park spaces, a recycling centre, cash machines, improved landscaping and a customer café.

Sainsbury’s has also included a number of revisions to the plans in response to feedback from its public consultation. The changes include:
-    relocation of store to help screen development and help block noise from the car park
-    additional landscape screening to improve privacy for nearby residents
-    a new pedestrian and cycle route from New Mills Way
-    Revitalisation of south end pedestrian route to site
-    more links to existing bus stops
-    improved access

Michael Adenmosun, Regional Development Executive for Sainsbury’s, says: “Around 650 consultation responses were received from local people, with 79% of respondents expressing full or partial support for Sainsbury’s store plans.”

“Many people who responded said that they would like to see more choice in Ledbury so that they can stay in the town for their main groceries shopping. Our proposals offer local residents an opportunity to do just that, and we look forward to our application being brought before the planning committee in due course. “

Commenting on Galebreakers own public consultation on their proposal to relocate in Ledbury, Jeremy Scudamore, Managing Director of Galebreaker, adds:

“We are thrilled that out of all the responses from the public 84% of were in full support with a further 10% supporting some of our proposal.”

Detailed plans will be available soon at Herefordshire Council offices and online at


GBR Industries Ltd (Galebreaker)

Operates in several markets including:
•    Natural ventilation and access solutions for agriculture
•    Wind shields for power stations
•    Heat and weather shielding products for the oil & gas industry
•    Eco water saving devices
•    Industrial warehouse flexible partitions


•    We are the only UK grocery retailer to be awarded Gold accreditation from Investors in People in recognition of the work we do to train and develop our colleagues.
•    We were named Community Retailer of the Year at the Retail Industry Awards 2010.
•    We support more grassroots charities than ever before - through Sainsbury's Local Charity of the Year over £1m has been donated in one year to around 800 community groups and charities across the country.
•    Our in-store colleagues have volunteered over 3,500 days to work with their chosen charities.
•    Schools, nurseries, sports clubs, Scout and Girlguide groups have all benefited from the £100m worth of sports, cooking and gardening equipment and active experiences donated via Sainsbury's Active Kids initiative - the biggest ever donation


Sainsbury’s freephone 0800 975 5299

Last Updated on Tuesday, 15 November 2011 10:55
Comments (6)
6 Tuesday, 08 November 2011 20:07
Debbie Baker
I was shopping in Ross yesterday killing time before my hospital apt and I can safely say that having a Morrison and Sainsburys in the town has not caused the town center to become dead. I saw plenty of people shopping, and even drinking/eating in the cafes. The other thing I saw was car parks nearly full.

So come on Ledbury support Sainsbury's bid.
5 Tuesday, 08 November 2011 19:44
More supposition from our regualar "reporter", your own Mrs Crowe categorically stated, in print, that the new store 'would' cause all the things LOTS have been saying gleened from a report that didn't make one definate conclusion it was all "possibly" or "potentially".

The LOTS group on numerous occasions have said that towns such as Malvern, Ross and Leominster have had their town centers "devestated" by out of town development, "Visit Tewkesbury, Ross or Great Malvern to see what quickly happens to High Streets when large stores open on the edge of small towns." - direct copy from Save Ledbury website, specifically superstores, which anybody who knows any of those towns know to be untrue.

"Immediate closure of smaller independent food shops followed by non-food stores as the town declines" - Supposition again, are we to believe that as soon as the doors to the superstore are opened that the doors on the high streets shops will close, another untruth.

Thats just three, there are many more.

Support LESS, Be there and vote for the referendum on 15th November at 18:30 at St. Katherines Hall .. Let the population of Ledbury District decide if they want a store, not a few who think they know whats best.
4 Tuesday, 08 November 2011 18:13
Andrew Warmington
"If you hear any of any 'myths' that the store will not employ that many people, they are lies!

If you hear that half of the town shops will close due to this store opening, they are lies!

If you hear anyone say that you can buy all you need in Ledbury, they are lies!"

'Lie' is a very strong and emotive word. Someone who tells a lie is not only saying something that is untrue but knows it to be untrue at the time of saying it. People need to think carefully before they say things like this.

When I and other opponents of a superstore in Ledbury make comments about the likely effects of a superstore, we are expressing an opinion that we believe to be true. So are the other camp as far as I know. Certain assertions have been comprehensively disproved in the course of this matter but only one lie has been provably told, which I don't propose to dwell on now; the perpetrator knows who he is.

Sainsbury's have been reasonably upfront that the number of jobs is an 'up to' maximum figure and that they are a mixture of full time and part time. From past examples, it is likely that the vast majority will be part time. The number of jobs in the supply chain that will disappear as a result will also, on past form, be much larger than the number created.

It is also highly likely, from past experience, that a significant number of shops in the town will close in the 18 months or so after a superstore opens. To the best of my knowledge, no-one has said half of them. And many of those that struggle on will have to cut jobs to keep going.

As for being able to buy everything you need in Ledbury, well it depends what you think you need, as oppose to what you just want. Of course you can't get everything in Ledbury or anywhere else and the coming of a superstore won't change that. However I, for one, can get all of my daily essentials in Ledbury. And that's the truth.
3 Monday, 07 November 2011 23:21
Claire Ellis
And before anyone comments, yes, both my husband and son work for a construction company, but that is certainly not the reason I want this store.
For anyone who understands the procedure of being invited to tender, etc, then the chances of their company actually building the store is pretty remote.
And for those of you that do not understand these issues, you are not alone - neither do I!!
2 Monday, 07 November 2011 23:12
Claire Ellis
When this store opens it will create 220 jobs, plus Galebreaker will be expanding and creating more. For this reason alone, in this economic climate plans should be passed.

Add to that the building firms that will benefit, the sub contractors, the scaffolding companies, the tool hire companies. The inside will be fitted out by shop fitters, they will need painters, electricians, plumbers and cleaners.

Lets not forget that Galebreaker are relocating so they will need the same.

If you or anyone in your family do any of these jobs you should say YES for this store to be built.

If you or anyone in your family have to travel out of town on a regular basis for your food and household shopping, you should say YES for this store to be built.

If you or anyone in your family have to wait in the middle of a main road before being able to drive onto a gargae forecourt for fuel, you should say YES for this store to be built.

If you hear any of any 'myths' that the store will not employ that many people, they are lies!

If you hear that half of the town shops will close due to this store opening, they are lies!

If you hear anyone say that you can buy all you need in Ledbury, they are lies!

Open your eyes. Look around you. Check out the town centres of Ross on Wye, Great Malvern, Barnards Green and Malvern Link. What do you see? Busy little towns, lots of shoppers and plenty of money going in the tills. This could be Ledbury!

Sainsbury's, like Tesco will not sell antiques, wedding dresses, large electrical items, gifts and the such like, so these shops will not be affected. The shops selling food in Ledbury will still have their customers. These shops, Spar, Jenkins, Gladwins and the butchers have been in town years and all have good customer relations and a good sized client base. They sell products that are needed on a regular basis. Some of the other shops in town are also quite established so will also be used by their regular customers. Add to that, all the new people that will be coming into town. They will 'pop' into our local shops and buy bits and pieces here and there - as we do now whilst going to Hereford or the such like for our groceries.

Stores such as Sainsbury's and Tesco would not even consider building in Ledbury if they did not think it would be economical.

Don't be put off by Tesco withdrawing their plans, they were testing the water. It's happened before in places and it will happen again.

This town really does need a bigger supermarket. I for one eagerly await the day it opens.
1 Monday, 07 November 2011 19:08
Remember all of you who support Sainsbury's you need to write to the planning officer when the plans are validated to show your support for this application. We who support the new store ARE the majority in and around Ledbury but if we remain the silent majority then we lose.

Once the application has been validated and a planning number assigned you can get the information of who to write to from the LESS (Ledbury Supports Sainsbury's) facebook group or from the LESS website.

Facebook Group -
LESS Website -!