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Save Bluefin Tuna -- Keep It Off Your Plate PDF Print E-mail
Written by Center for Biological Diversity   
Tuesday, 29 November 2011 10:28

Boycott Bluefin Tuna on Ledbury PortalOne year ago today we launched the Bluefin Boycott to turn the tide on bluefin tuna extinction. The Atlantic bluefin still needs your help, so please -- join more than 25,000 people in pledging not to eat bluefin.

Bluefin tuna are among the ocean's most remarkable creatures, warm-blooded, massive fish renowned for their strength and speed; but overfishing is driving them to extinction. Despite this, many sushi restaurants continue to serve the species as a high-end dish. When you join the Bluefin Brigade and pledge not to eat bluefin tuna by avoiding restaurants that sell it, we'll raise awareness of the fish's plight and help shut down consumer demand for this critically imperiled animal.

Act now and help spread the word: Save bluefin tuna -- keep it off your plate.

Bluefin Boycott

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