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Waste site is now open to bikes! PDF Print E-mail
Written by A. Cyclist   
Wednesday, 15 July 2020 18:38

Following our complaint to Herefordshire Council about some waste sites in Herefordshire, including Ledbury, not admitting cyclists, the booking regime has now changed: all 6 sites in the county now allow cyclists, and some (including Ledbury) also allow pedestrians.  Since no reply has been received, we cannot claim credit for this, but drawing the council’s attention to the fact it was violating the Environmental Protection Act 1990 (see why here) might have rattled a few cages.  But there is a caveat: cyclists have to wait in a queue of cars, though there are notices asking drivers to switch off engines.  So if there’s a cyclist behind you, please don’t asphyxiate him/her!

While pedestrians are now formally admitted to the Ledbury site (please ring the bell at the gate, as before), those at Bromyard, Hereford and Leominster remain off limits.  There is no booking requirement at Hereford or Leominster for other users.

According to Worcestershire County Council’s website, there is no pedestrian access to any of its sites, there is no pre-booking requirement for other users, and all are open their normal opening hours.  There is no mention of access by cyclists.  The Malvern site might close temporarily if there is traffic build-up on the A449.  Sites in both counties are managed by Severn Waste Services.

The requirement to pre-book remains in Ledbury for all users, including cyclists and pedestrians.  This can only be done online - thus still denying admission to those who do not have access to the internet.  You are sent an email with a PDF attachment of your ‘booking ticket’, which you must either print out or have on your phone to show to the man on the gate.  Update 8th August: It is now possible to book on the day.  When this article was first published, booking had to be done on or before the previous day to a visit.

Also worth noting: all users are allowed a maximum of two visits within a 14 day period.  So I made the most of it and piled up the trailer (which is less than 1.2m long, so no trailer permit required) with a load of garden waste, scrap metal and a dead breadmaker...

However, my experience today wasn’t too bad - only 2 cars in front of me - and the friendly HC man at the gate said he was expecting me as the only cyclist who had booked in...

Last Updated on Saturday, 08 August 2020 12:00