An Open Offer To LOTS Print
Supermarket Debate
Friday, 28 October 2011 16:58

We are putting this offer on the Portal as we do not have access to any of the LOTS pages and feel that a public offer is better than a personal email.

Here is an open offer to LOTS, we at LESS are happy to attend an open public debate on the forthcoming Sainsbury's application to build a store on the current Galebraker site, we also call on LOTS to support our bid to have a referendum on the Sainsbury's application with both parties agreeing to stand by whatever decision the actual residents of the HR8 district decide upon.

Over to you LOTS.

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No Replies .. Why Are We Not Surprised
1 Sunday, 30 October 2011 22:25
As we suspected there are no replies on our offer to LOTS, which says to us that LOTS are not interested in anything that doesn't adhere to their way of thinking, and this from a group that claims to represent the people and future of Ledbury.

Well LOTS if you are so sure in what you are doing is for the best for Ledbury agree to the open debate and lets put your representing Ledbury to the test, we're willing why aren't you?
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