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Supermarket Debate
Written by John Eager   
Saturday, 03 December 2011 15:00

LESS Facebook page: Comments on Ledbury Community Portal, November 30th

Martin Dudley
"The Ledbury Portal - platform for local people to share views and opinions or the latest page(s) in the public domain shamefully pillaged by LOTS where they blatantly spread their propaganda and fictitious nonsense?"

"I know what I and many other locals believe, seemingly The Three Amigos who reguarly "contribute" such diatribe are amongst a small group who think by shouting loud enough and long enough then everybody will fall for their assumed tosh...........Wrong!!!!"

"The Ledbury Portal has sadly lost its identity and intended platform snd has lowed itself to be hijacked by a tuppeny ha"penny outfit intent on ruining the town!"
[Wednesday at 7:56am]

Deborah Baker "The thing is about the Ledbury Portal is this - most people in Ledbury dont know it exists, or dont bother reading it anyway. So guess they are just sprouting to themselves. Lets face it how many times, as people on here how do we get the link for the portal."
[Wednesday at 7:59am]


Martin Dudley "Sadly no longer even worth the click of a mouse, constant baiting in feeble attempts to gain a reaction to discredit others beliefs and spouting of fictitious propaganda that isn"t even remotely resembling anything thats credible."
Let them have it, give them enough rope etc etc!
[Wednesday at 8:19am]

Jo Boy Bloise "Yes bit disappointed by the portal,thought it was open for fair debate? All seems to be one sided. Did consider opening my own website for Ledbury where people can get their point across without being ridiculed!"
[Wednesday at 8:19am]

Deborah Baker "Jo, Im with you I did think about it too. Real Portal for Real Ledbury Folk, I was thinking of
Wednesday at 8:21am

Jo Boy Bloise "Yeh,the trouble is Deb we haven`t got the time to monitor it.Also IF we did there would be no testosterone involved,thus ensuring a more peaceful place for debate, simple! lol ;)
[Wednesday at 8:25am]

Colin Marschall "You could always start a facebook page dedicated to open discussion and posting of events etc. I know not everyone uses FB but it would be a start .. however I can imagine it would take a lot of time and effort to ensure that relevant articles relating to Ledbury are published and kept up to date."
[Wednesday at 2:05pm]

Colin Marschall "Mr J Eager has an advantage with his brother being a councillor, he gets all the relevant announcements before most others and so can keep the portal upto date."
[Wednesday at 2:06pm]

Deborah Baker "True Colin, but then nothing ventured nothing gained."
[Wednesday at 2:22pm]

Clare Turner "As far as i coiuld see , the portal appeared to be another LOTS page.I can only speak for myself but after a handful of visits i stopped bothering."
[Wednesday at 3:57pm]

Deborah Baker "I agree Clare, nothing of any interest really on there."
[Wednesday at 4:32pm]

Colin Marschall "I thought it was ok .. until I got banned!!"
[Wednesday at 4:40pm]

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Comments (4)
The portal
4 Sunday, 04 December 2011 18:08
Andrew Warmington
The Ledbury Portal is exactly what it is meant to be, a neutral community platform. Anyone is free to express their views on it, just not to put personal abuse there. Apart from anything else, John Eager might be legally liable if any libel issues arose. This is the only reason people have been banned from it. Simple as.
Love It
3 Sunday, 04 December 2011 10:27
To be honest I'm not that bothered either way on the Tesco thing but I did used to look at the supermarket supporters page on FB for a laugh when I got from the pub etc but gave up when they started trying to clean up their act. The hoo-hah about the hairdresser who got the poster calling her foolish was about the last thing I remember. After John's article I headed on over to see what the fuss was about. Classic. Love the stuff this morning about the 'delusional fools' (LOTS that is). It's back to business as normal. Though it's great entertainment, I can't help thinking some of these people need to get a grip on the meaning of Double Standards.
Rival Portal?
2 Sunday, 04 December 2011 10:04
Andrew Harrison
I look forward to a debating site based on :
"Jo Boy Bloise "Yeh,the trouble is Deb we haven`t got the time to monitor it.Also IF we did there would be no testosterone involved,thus ensuring a more peaceful place for debate, simple! lol ;)"

When the LESS FB site which purports to hold the following principle:

We all believe in freedom of speech and expression but would kindly like to remind all users that derogatory remarks, personal provocation and/or insults and/or verbal abuse of any kind will not be tolerated and removed from any topic or thread with any guilty party warned as to their future use within the group, repeat offenders will be removed and subsequently banned.

And yet allows the following post to be displayed unchallenged:

"Well Terri, its (sic) like this, LOTS are doing so well in their own business' obviously Tesco's (sic) would seek THEIR advice, I mean little old Tesco know nothing about running a business, or building new stores, or have thier (sic) own experts. Delusional fools, and desperate ones, to come up with so much c**p."
The Ledbury Portal
1 Saturday, 03 December 2011 18:57
It is easy to talk about starting something like The Ledbury Portal but John Eager, with help from Marcus Morris, actually achieved something which I feel is a real asset to the community life of Ledbury. John Eager was helpful when I had difficulty in managing a recent post and I wish I had started viewing and posting earlier. I hope to post items in the future, especially anything happening locally concerning the arts.
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